Metaphysical Lounge vol.10

2020年5月5日録音。Fukazawa Kojiroによる、2015年から続けてきたHouseのミックスシリーズ、10回目です。

A House mix by Fukazawa Kojiro. May 05, 2020. Thank you for your listening!

Cover Art: Ayaka Sumida (spicagraph)

  1. Don’t Call Me Baby / Madison Avenue
  2. Marmalade Jam (Musicarus Edit) / 花澤香菜
  3. Horny (Scott Diaz Gospel Excursion) / Mousse T.
  4. All the Things (Original Mix) / Piem, Alaia & Gallo
  5. Whatcha Gonna Do (Harlum Mix) [feat. Margaret Grace] / Teddy Douglas
  6. Get Get Down (Get Get Nerio’s Dubwork Remix) / Paul Johnson
  7. Don’t Do It / Moon Rocket
  8. Push (In the Bush) (Birdee Remix) / Michael Gray
  9. Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat) / Les Rythmes Digitales
  10. Piano Pump (Original Mix) / Superlover
  11. Rewinding feat. Heleina Zara (Sandy Rivera’s Chocolate Mash Up) / Sandy Rivera, Moon Rocket, Mattei & Omich, Heleina Zara
  12. Can’t Live Without Your Love (Joey Negro Space Disco Mix) / Tamiko Jones
  13. Cosmic Witch feat. Anané (Original Mix) / Louie Vega
  14. Love Can’t Turn Around (Jack Your Soul Remix) / Luisen, Kevin Silk
  15. Love Never Felt So Good (DM-FK Classic Tribute Mix) / Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake


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